Welcome to the educational community of Colegio Legamar. Our school is a private and non-denominational educational institution that covers all educational stages: infants from 4 months, Primary and Secondary Education until studies are completed with the Baccalaureate Education.

Our educational project is currently a benchmark for quality in the southern area of Madrid. It is based on promoting autonomy, responsibility and the desire to better oneself for each student so that they achieve their full personal and academic potential and it pulls together the experience of many years of teaching, a commitment to educational innovation and a continuing cooperation with the families.

Our whole community is committed to developing an environment based on the excitement of learning, and the school is acknowledged as an affective and social space for learning about cooperation and democracy: it is a space for creating citizens.

Amongst all of us, we try to make our motto into a reality: “We will make the future of your child our greatest endeavour”.

Yours faithfully,